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Does Spirulina cause side effects?

Spirulina as health supplement

If you have not read this article: Spirulina, natural nutrition that benefits your health, do so now. Spirulina is now being commercially farmed and sold to the public market as health supplements. Many claims of how this algae benefits your health is now being backed by scientific research. But is it as good as it seems? Are there any side effects for consuming spirulina?

There are currently no known side effects of spirulina, however, your body might react to it, causing some misconception regarding this issue. The table below lists down the reactions you might experience when consuming spirulina supplements

Side Effects / Reactions

ReactionsPossible Causes
Fever / slight feverSpirulina contains close to 70% protein and several other nutrients that promotes body metabolism. This releases heat from the body, thereby increasing body temperature.
Fever, feeling excited, unable to sleep at nightThe burning of excessive fats in the body by converting into heat energy is normal.
Blackish, green waste materialSpirulina can remove your colon's accumulated residues. If the waste material remains green in colour after some time, this is due to green pigments found in the supplement.
Fart, pain in the chestThese are symptoms of a malfunctioning digestive system, or there may be presence of excessive intestinal gas.
Pain around affected areas increaseThese are symptoms of rheumatism, migraine, neuralgia, gastric and duodenal ulcers or excessive acid.
Feeling sleepy, tired limbsThese are symptoms of an acidic body condition, malfunctioning liver, over exhaustion or taking an overdose of medicine previously.
Dizziness, lethargic or constant hunger pangsWhen a person suffering from hypoglycemia or anaemia consumes spirulina, there may be a drop in the blood sugar level to burn the excessive fats,
Nausea, diarrhea, hiccups or constipationPoor digestive system, hepatitis, gastroptosis or gastric hyperacidity
Pimples breakout, itchiness, red spots appearing, sweating and smelly urineDetoxification (cleansing of your colon) can cause this. Another possibility is poor liver function or allergies in the body.
Increase in weightAfter oxidation of body fats, overweight people may have increased bodily fluid (edema), whereas underweight people may have increased muscle mass. These are symptoms of weak kidneys.
Cold, fever, sore throatLatent symptoms of these illness in the body.
Running nose, asthma, coughing phlegmWeak respiratory system
Slight swollen in face and legs due to increase of bodily fluid (edema)Weak kidneys
Slight nasal bleedingInsufficient red blood cells, common among women
Bleeding when passing motionNormal initial reaction of people suffering from haemorrhoid.
No reactionHealthy body

This information applies to spirulina supplements in general, and are not to be used as guidelines for a particular product. The mentioned reactions are normal and may last for 2 to 3 days or longer, depending on your health.

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