Al-Insaan Sdn Bhd (syarikat kongsi ‘Lo Hong Ka International’) sebuah syarikat baru dan dinamik yang ditubuhkan pada Ogos 2008 bertujuan untuk menghasilkan sebuah platform untuk pengusaha-pengusaha yang baru memulakan perniagaan mereka dengan kadar risiko dan modal yang rendah serta potensi pulangan yang lebih lumayan. Baca seterusnya :-

Lo Hong Ka International Sdn Bhd

Lo Hong Ka is an international conglomerate specializing in packaging and retailing instant bird’s nest concentrate with corporate philosophy to contribute towards the well being of the society. Established in Hong Kong since 1998, it has the largest network of instant bird’s nest stores in Asia Pacific region with over 150 outlets in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Macau and Shanghai. Lo Hong Ka chairman and founder Mr Lee Seng Siew is a firm believer in the joy of healthy living and has won many hearts of loyal customers by offering an affordable ready-to-eat bird’s nest products.

Lo Hong Ka instant bird’s nest concentrate is the first 100% pure instant bird’s nest in the world. It is produced without any excess water, preservatives or artificial additives. Lo Hong Ka uses a special combination of traditional and modern technology of simmering to ensure that the nutrients of the bird’s nest are not lost due to overcooking or boiling.

Lo Hong Ka’s current clientele comprises the older Chinese group with higher income as well as those who are health conscious. With franchising as the next strategy, Lo Hong Ka is set to shift from the traditional image to break into different markets especially the young consumers as well as penetrating the Muslim market with their core products, bird’s nest and aloe vera, which are now have been certified as halal.

Contact Info:Company: Lo Hong Ka
Business Nature: Retail
Contact person: Ms. Yap Fee Yoong, Franchise Manager
Telephone: 03 8948 4726
Fax: 03 8943 2831
Mobile: 012 224 8864

Lo Hong Ka Franchise Business Opportunity

Rich with Tradition - A Passion for Health and Beauty.

Lo Hong Ka Franchise Business Opportunity

It all began in 1998 when our founder, Mr Lee Seng Siew, began bottling Bird’s Nest Concentrate, leading to the birth of Lo Hong Ka in Hong Kong. Today, Lo Hong Ka is the largest bird’s nest retail network in the region with more than 100 specialty stores in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Our bird’s nest is meticulously produced without preservatives or artificial additives, in line with our high standard in maintaining the authenticity of its traditional quality. Lo Hong Ka’s philosophy to create a healthy lifestyle has inspired the research and development of new product ranges such as Pearl Anew, the Aloe Vera Series and ginseng-based products.

Lo Hong Ka’s franchise concept is designed as part of our dedication to contribute towards the celebration of life, health and well-being of society. Lo Hong Ka may just be the best franchise opportunity for you.

Lo Hong Ka Franchise Business Opportunity

Supporting your interest
Our efficient business system will nurture your entrepreneurship talent and help you gain access to multiple opportunities. Our support services include:

The Lo Hong Ka system
You will be using the Lo Hong Ka name, logo and all of our marks. They represent a highly regarded brand in the health and beauty industry, as well as our commitment to customer service and the highest standards of excellence.

Site selection
We provide you with detailed guidelines for choosing your site, and will perform detailed evaluations before approving a final location.

Hands-on training
Comprehensive classroom training include administrative, operational, sales/marketing and other relevant matters. Prior to and immediately following your store’s grand opening, we will provide on-site training.

Continual reference & E-training
This is an outstanding guidebook, containing daily operational procedures in an easy-to-follow format. You may also access our online Knowledge Base system for up-to-date information.

Marketing support
We will supply attractive, highly professional marketing and advertising materials, promotional ideas, and also demonstrate ways to utilise effective publicity to gain visibility and attract customers.

Ongoing service and support
We’re just a phone call or e-mail away. You’ll also be visited by our field representative on a periodic basis.

Lo Hong Ka Franchise Business Opportunity

Healthy recognition
Lo Hong Ka’s pioneering and innovative approach in product development is fast gaining recognition from industry experts and consumers. To date, Lo Hong Ka has received numerous prestigious awards across the region including 2002 Enterprise 50 Award in Malaysia, 2004 Hong Kong Superbrands Award and the 1999 Taiwan Consumer Association’s Excellent Award, to name a few. Our full list of achievements is available in our website.

Such recognition is due to our business approach that is based on the threshold of all relationships; TRUST. We provide excellent service, always keep an open two-way communication and our products are of exceptionally great quality. Additionally, we are dedicated towards promoting the concept of Natural Health to our customers.

Franchise info
Company Name: Lo Hong Ka Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603- 8948 4726
Fax: +603- 8945 9158
Year Established: 1998
Franchise Fee: RM30,000